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Review 40 Years’ Reform and We Move on Opening Ceremony of Shekou Museum of China’s Reform and Opening-up

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On August 10, ShekouMuseum of Reform and Opening-up was officially renamed as Shekou Museum ofChina’s Reform and Opening-up, and was reopened to the public. Except for thenew name, the Museum now offers upgraded exhibition forms and exhibits todemonstrate Shekou’s extraordinary progress during the 40 years of China’sreform and opening up and show Shekou’s new achievements and pursuit in deepeningreform in the new era.

The Museum wascommissioned by the China Merchants Group and realized by CMSK. Afterofficially opened to the public on December 26, 2017 at Sea World Culture andArts Center, it has attracted extensive attention of the society. By the end ofJune 2018, the Museum had received near 80,000 visitors from all over thecountry, including enterprises, public institutions, media, schools, militarygroups as well as other groups and individuals, and provided guide service formore than 500 groups. The Museum updated the contents of exhibition to keep upwith the times, and commemorate the 40th anniversary of China’ reform andopening. It, with the theme of the reform and opening up, is a comprehensiveand multi-dimensional exhibition that inspires and motivates the people.

The new Museumemphasizes the Party’s and the state’s wisdom in proposing the reform andopening-up policy, as well as the background and significance of establishingShekou Industrial Zone as a reform and opening-up pilot project. In retrospectof China’s rise in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Shekou is acrucial part of the initial stage. Shekou Industrial Zone is the first exportprocessing zone opened to the outside world. The Party and state leaders haveshowed great concern about and support for its establishment and development.In this context, China Merchants Group has fully utilized the autonomy grantedby the central government and actively carried out a series of economicexplorations and institutional innovations having not been tried by any othercountry worldwide, opened up new paths for China’s modernization, and providedvaluable experience and reference for market-oriented reforms in China. Theslogan “Time Is Money, Efficiency Is Life” and the “Shekou Model” haveresounded around the country, influencing China throughout the era.

The design of the exhibition hall was also optimized. Under the guidance of theconcept of “holding the banner, opening up a path”, the exhibition is dividedinto five chapters: the Tide of History, Making History, Opening Up History,Pioneering History, and the Future Trend. The exhibition demonstrates Shekou’sdevelopment in the 40 years of reform and opening up, when Shekou IndustrialZone plays a leading role in the reform and opening up and the role of apacesetter in deepening reform with all-out efforts and a pioneering spirit.The new modernized exhibition also enhances the demonstration of applicationsand scenario reproductions supported by sound, light and electricitytechnologies which are popular among the public. The time-honored articles fromthe 1980s donated by private owners still form a unique part of the exhibitionto bring visitors back to the past.

The design concept of“holding the banner, opening up a path” also extends beyond the exhibitionhall. The exhibition of the landscape and landmark sculpture “Fight andInnovate” for commemorating the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening upwill be held in the periphery of the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. Thesculpture shows that under the leadership of the Party, China has followed apioneering and innovation path through diligence and entrepreneurship.

The following public events of the Museum will also adhere to the innovationconcept of Shekou and open to different groups of audience to better serve thecommunity and promote the core values of socialism. In the near future, theMuseum will cooperate with Merchants Residential District, Yucai Group andother organizations to co-organize the training and selection of voluntaryteenager guides. Students who pass the assessment will become part of thevolunteer team and serve as the ambassadors to disseminate Shekou spirit andtell Shekou stories. In addition, the “Museum Open Course” and voluntary guidesrecruitment activity are also in progress. (Shekou Museum of China’s Reform andOpening-up)



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