Investor Relations

Investor RelationsFinancial Highlights
Main Accounting Data
Net income attributable to the CMSK Holding Ltd (RMB)16,033,175,796.3515,240,053,237.00
Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company after extraordinary item(RMB)12,473,308,876.7314,596,822,085.40
Net cash flows from operating activities(RMB)13,812,068,606.7410,478,137,566.03
Basic earning per share (RMB/share)1.991.89
Diluted earning per share (RMB/share)1.991.89
Weighted average of ROE21.38%22.22%
-End of 2019End of 2018
Total assets (RMB)617,688,088,324.93423,221,446,927.42
Owners’equity attributable to CMSK Holding Ltd (RMB)94,845,484,318.0575,908,704,849.00