China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd  

China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd (CMSK, stock code:001979), a flagship subsidiary under the China Merchants Group, a leading state-owned enterprise under the direct supervision of the central government, is dedicated to comprehensive urban development. It is also the Group’s asset integration platform for real estate and important business collaboration in China.

Founded in 1979, CMSK established Shekou Industrial Zone 40 years ago, which is the birthplace of China’s reform and opening up and has contributed to China’s economic development. Many famous enterprises were incubated and cultivated here, such as China Merchants Bank, Ping An Insurance, China International Marine Containers, China Merchants Port and so on. On December 30th, 2015, CMSK merged with China Merchants Property Development and went public after an unprecedented reorganization, being a model of state-owned enterprise reform and a benchmark for the innovation of China's capital market.

CMSK integrates the unique advantages of the former China Merchants Property Development and Shekou Industrial Zone, and strategically positions itself as “China's leading city and industrial park developer and operator” with three pillar businesses, namely: industrial park development and operation, residential community development and operation, and cruise industry development and operation and thus has formed the unique “Port-Park-City” mode, which facilitates it to engage in the urban development of key cities along the “Belt and Road” and in China.

Committed to be “the better life carrier”, CMSK develops comprehensive solutions for urban development and industrial upgrading and also provides diversified products and services covering full life cycle. There are six categories of products and services to facilitate the customers’ enlightenment education, career advancement, residence experience, entertainment, health care, and elderly care, which covering 25 model production lines and various business sectors including education, culture, office buildings, industrial parks, cultural and creative industries, featured industrial cities and towns, long-lease apartments, residence, hotels, complexes, commerce, cruise, health and elderly care, etc., thus introducing a better life style to people in all respects.

CMSK promotes the national network layout of cruise port and the duplication of its business model to realize the interrelated management of “Cruise, Port, City, Tourism, Shopping and Entertainment” and build a high-end tourism service ecosystem integrating tourism real estate, home port economy and cruise industry. CMSK has initially completed the layout of cruise terminals in China's coastal cities, including Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai and Zhanjiang, striving to establish a Chinese cruise brand and build a globally influential cruise industry benchmark. Meanwhile CMSK is building up the world’s biggest convention center—Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, which integrates exhibitions, conferences, events (competitions, performing arts, etc.), catering, shopping, office and services together to establish a new engine for local development and to provides new impetus for urban growth; it will be a great significance to enhance the function and image of the city, promote the modernization, internationalization and innovation of the city.

In production upgrading, CMSK works hard on industrial park development and operation, and concentrates on spatial planning, industrial clustering and services to promote industrial innovation. Including industrial parks, specialized industrial zones, and ecological zones, CMSK has been contributing to the industry’s healthy development and the diversified development of the economy. Since 1979, CMSK has been developing and building Shekou Industrial Zone, the first export-oriented economic development zone in China. In the past 40 years, CMSK has independently developed, constructed, operated and managed a relatively independent urban area by raising capital on its own, and accumulated rich experience in urban development and operation, thus establishing a unique land development and operation model of CMSK. Based on the upgrading of the Shekou industrial park template, the company actively promotes the duplication of Shekou mode to the world, and has built specialized industrial new towns in several cities in China. CMSK also actively participates in constructing specialized industrial parks in the countries along the “Belt and Road”.

In production upgrading, CMSK has been working on providing quality housing for residential customers and building ideal living space for families. The company has developed three types of residential products to satisfy the core residential needs of different families, including the Value series (quality houses for happy life), Premium series (affordable luxury and comfortable houses as a life reward) and Heritage series (property as heritage of the family). CMSK’s business-owned properties and businesses have also booming. Business products covering different mode-lines such as Sea World, Garden City and so on; and the long-lease apartment brand “Apartment One” has been covering Tier-1 and some key Tier-2 cities in China; and the Health-line products such as  senior apartment and senior care center have been opened in cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

As of the end of December 2019, the total assets of CMSK had amounted to  617.7 billion. CMSK's business covers  110 cities and regions around the world, with nearly 500 quality projects available and serving ten million of global customers.